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2019-11-12 08:37 May 05, 2011 I want to go trout fishing in the general portland area (hopefully no more than 30 min outside of town). I have been a couple places and have been skunked every time. I fish from the bank, not a boat. Any advice. I want a sure thing, I am a guy who doesnt like the chase (women or fish! )

Oregon Fly Fishing: Willamette Zone. This zone is defined by the Willamette River and its tributaries. Most Oregon anglers live within this zone but there are still many opportunities to find trout and steelhead. The Willamette zone also has a large number of high lakes that are stocked with brook trout fly fishing trout portland oregon This reservoir south of Forest Grove, an easy drive from Portlands west side, has produced several Oregon state fishing records for smallmouth bass (including the current one) and even the states largest bullhead catfish. It also has a very popular fishery for stocked rainbow trout and plentiful panfish.

Fly Fishing in and around Portland Oregon Very few places offer the diversity in Fly Fishing as the region surrounding Portland does. Within 2 hours of drive time from the city, we have opportunities to catch a wide variety of fish species, 365 days a year. fly fishing trout portland oregon

More very good fly fishing rivers in Western Oregon: Clackamas River The lower river is close to Portland and can be flyfished for summer and winter runs of steelhead. The steelhead fishing, as well as spring Chinook and fall coho salmon runs, are fished from the mouth up to the dams near Estacada. fly fishing trout portland oregon

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